“Quite possibly the wettest Sunday in a while, but the perfect day to attend WellBeing International’s Menopause Workshop. My colleague Tina and I splashed our way to Erpingham House in Tombland, Norwich ready to find out more!

A fantastic venue, delicious vegan nibbles (oh, so good!), a beautiful lunch and a welcoming, warm group of women all wanting to hear more about ways of dealing with the challenges the Menopauses brings.

It’s not always an easy subject to discuss, especially in the workplace. There are stereotypes and pre-conceptions to contend with, and as with pregnancy, the symptoms can vary greatly.

After hearing Kate Pigeon-Owen, Director of Wellbeing International Ltd, talk at one of our Chamber events on menopause in the workplace I wanted to hear more!

Kate talked about the science behind the emotional, mental and physical changes, and set out a 5-Step approach to create your own individual action plan. We talked about sleep, anxiety, weight and hot flushes – it was a very relaxed atmosphere, and Kate’s engagement and passion about the positive changes were uplifting and energising.

I like to think forewarned is forearmed, and we came away having bonded with a fantastic group of women, lots of sciencey stuff under our belts and a positive plan for this next stage of our lives.

Bring it on! ”                Haze Carver….. Norfolk Chamber of Commerce