WellBeing Capsules

Our WELLBEING CAPSULES PROGRAMME is a turnkey Wellbeing strategy for your business.

If you want to start a Wellbeing strategy or add depth to an existing one, our WellBeing Capsules Programme is a £200/month investment in your team. You simply choose your ideal combination of 12 Capsules topics from our extensive menu and we’ll deliver a bespoke programme, one capsule per month.

Through this programme we deliver live workshops (via Zoom) to your team once a month, facilitating active participation and ensuring everyone leaves with actionable, achievable changes to improve their lives.

You have the freedom to select 12 topics from our Capsule Menu, allowing for a fully customizable experience tailored to your team’s interests and needs.

We strongly believe that optimal wellness and energy not only enhance creativity, purpose, and skills but also contribute to emotional security.

When your team thrives in these areas, your business is poised for success.

Our Mindfulness and Breathing Consultant, Sonja Montague Mackay explains a little about her presentation within the Capsules Programme.

TRY our WellBeing Capsules Programme for FREE

Because we want you to get to know us and trust us, we’d like to offer a complimentary first WellBeing Capsule for one of the following topics:

  • How to awaken refreshed
  • The Science of Stress
  • Menopause

Once you’re assured that you’d like to proceed we’ll put together a schedule of monthly live workshops with topics of your choosing. Invitations via flier and zoom link will be sent to your team prior to the event. You can relax knowing your annual WellBeing Strategy is in place!

‘Wellbeing International have been a pleasure to work with. They have brought our team some creative wellness capsules which have been well received by our people. Many have learnt new knowledge around topics from Stress to Sleep as well as  simple reminders, such as taking a few moments to breathe.’

Sammy McDermott, Wellbeing Manager, Emperor

Some of the clients we’ve supported:

Our WellBeing Capsules

You simply choose 12 Capsules from our list and let us create a bespoke schedule for you. Click the link to our Menu above, tick the boxes you want and let us do the rest.

Energy Levels

  • How to Awaken Refreshed
  • Increase your Energy by 20%
  • Explore 5 Aspects of your Wellbeing
  • Support your Immune System

Understanding Stress

  • The Science of Stress
  • Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques
  • Build your Resilience
  • Sidestep Burnout with Breath-work

New Experiences

  • Reflexology – Learn the Basics & Find your Calm
  • Qigong/Tai chi – An Introductory Class
  • Massage – Learn Clothed Back Massage
  • Do-In Massage – We’ll teach you this Eastern Practice

Rethinking Food

  • How to Improve the Digestive Journey & your Gut Health
  • Our Relationship with Food & Alcohol
  • Low Carb for Weight loss – a New Approach
  • The Ketogenic Lifestyle & why it works

Skills for Life

  • Work / Life Balance
  • Coping Skills for Living with Uncertainty
  • Time Management – Create More Time at both Home & Work
  • Learn how to Respond not React with Improved Communication Skills
  • Menopause – Our 5 Point Plan
  • Financial Wellbeing

Family Focus

  • Nurture your Journey as a New Parent
  • The importance of Baby Massage & Attachment
  • Understand the 7 Phases of Childhood – from Birth to 21 Years
  • How Baby Communicates – read the cues
  • Your Baby & Sleep – Including how to Co-Sleep Safely

Financial Wellbeing

  • Financial Wellbeing
  • More money – Your way
  • Family finances – Making money easier for all ages
  • Financial health matters
  • Money and the Menopause

‘Thanks so much for your insightful and fun training!
I have attended ‘How to Respond’ training and ‘Living in Uncertainty’ training. Both have been very useful to me in my day job and my personal life. Skills I will share with my family and friends also.
Thanks so much again, and I look forward to your next session.’

Sarah Bullen, Specialist LAC Nurse Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service