Wellbeing Capsules

Following the impact of Covid-19, we’ve adapted our support programmes in order to meet our customers’ wellbeing requirements.

We offer a variety of topics, delivered via Zoom by our team of experts which have been wonderfully received by businesses wanting to offer extra support to their teams.

How do they work?

  • It’s about choice. We offer a ‘menu’ (click here) of carefully considered topics, structured to enable you and your colleagues to choose a different topic for either six or twelve months.
  • Each ‘capsule’ lasts one hour, with a maximum of 20 attendees.
  • These interactive webinars allow for questions too, with brief handouts.
  • Employees feel heard and valued.
  • The online delivery means there’s minimum disruption to the working day.

It’s important for us that you get to know us, trust us and see how we work we’re offering a complimentary first ‘capsule’ so that you can try us and see!

Get in touch to book a date and choose your topic.

Energy Within

Work on rebuilding your energy levels, feel revitalised and get back to the real you.

Learn how to wake up feeling refreshed with better sleep

Re-boot your energy system

Discover the 5 aspects of Wellbeing

Understanding Stress

Create space for yourself to ease the pressures within your life

Understand the science of stress

Discover the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Build your resilience

Avoid burnout with breath work

Development & Discovery

Use new skills to increase your vitality

Reflexology – learn the basics and find your calm

Qigong/Tai chi – An introductory class

Massage – Learn clothed back massage

Do-In Massage – We’ll teach you this Eastern Practice

Family Focus

Nurture your new journey as a parent

The importance of baby massage and attachment

Understand the 7 phases of childhood from birth to 21 years

Looking after you as a new parent

How Baby communicates

Your baby and sleep – Including how to co-sleep safely

Boosting Resilience

Increase your awareness and build your support system

Coping skills for living with uncertainty

Time Management – Create more time at both home and work

Learn how to respond not react

Menopause – Our 5 point plan

Rethinking Food

Re-evaluate your relationship with food

We’ll debunk some of the myths surrounding nutrition

Our relationship with food and alcohol

Low carb vs calorie counting

The ketogenic lifestyle and why it works