Menopause Support is now becoming a major part of every organisation’s training and awareness schedule. If you’re not sure how to start the process, be assured that you’ve come to the right place – we’re here to implement it for you.

Every day we hear that more businesses are joining over 600 key institutions in raising awareness of the Menopause, and we are delighted to have guided our clients such as Barnardo’s, Universal Partnership Programmes and Lincolnshire County Council in their commitment to embrace change with our Wellbeing Menopause Support options.

You too can follow them and let us create your own bespoke plan.

Our determination to have the Menopause heard, discussed and addressed, has been the driving force behind our success in becoming a leading advisor on this topic throughout the UK, with our targeted events, presentations and workshops around the Menopause being a major part of our profile.

Here at Wellbeing International we use our scientific and holistic knowledge to advise and inform both businesses and individuals on the topic.

We redirect the mindset and focus and make it simple to implement immediate changes and encourage awareness of all things Menopausal within your workplace – and we’re experts at what we do.

As pioneers and a leading provider of Gender-Neutral Webinars since 2019, we understand the need for company managers to show the way, demonstrating that women’s wellbeing and health is a priority, and we feel it’s vital that all genders are included in the process.

Our policies include everyone from the CEO to the maintenance staff, demonstrating a clear message that everyone is valued within the organisation.

At this sometimes confusing and often life-changing time, estimates indicate over 1 million women have felt overwhelmed and unsupported in the workplace, preferring to abandon their careers rather than carry on. However – things are changing!  The Menopause needs no longer to be the catalyst for a shorter career.

“What I have discovered delivering the programme is how apologetic directors and senior managers have been when they fully understand what women go through. They realise that if they want a flourishing and totally inclusive organisation, they have to embrace the menopause.”
Kate Pigeon-Owen, CEO Wellbeing International

The key to any successful awareness project is to build a company-wide inclusive programme. At Wellbeing International we truly understand the need for flexible solutions, so whether your preference is for online or on-site, our bespoke packages are designed to suit the needs and values of your business, and your people.

Gender Neutral Workshops / Webinars

These workshops are for your whole team, ensuring everyone understands what the Menopause is, and removing the ‘taboo’.  We cover the science in a no-nonsense way and make this information accessible to all. Our goal is to create an understanding and supportive working environment.

‘The whole presentation was fascinating.  As a male you don’t really take the time to understand the subject, but this was easy to follow and well led. Thank you Kate for your time and fantastic demeanour in the presentation.’

Line Manager at UPP

Women’s Workshops / Webinars

Hourly or longer webinars and face to face workshops can be scheduled to suit your requirements.

‘Our workforce are our greatest asset and as such we hold the health and wellbeing of staff in high regard. With this in mind I approached Kate to deliver a bespoke workshop to provide staff with useful information on how to improve their own personal self-care. Kate was able to captivate a large audience – the information had the right amount of science and practical tips.  I am aware that staff are putting their new knowledge into practice and feeling better for it.  You were definitely a hit with the audience!’

Sarah Lawlor – Manager, Flying Start

Menopause Retreats

A dedicated space for your female colleagues. These highly popular spaces create a practical, supportive and safe environment for all women to understand the process.  A longer event covers a wider range of topics in more detail, allowing delegates to understand, prepare for, and respond knowledgeably to their symptoms.

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge with us. I swapped an annual days leave for this and it was absolutely worth it.  Brilliant!  Thanks Kate’

Haze Carver, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

I really enjoyed the menopause retreat and came away with tools to help me manage my “second spring”. Since the retreat, I have been trying to use the tips we were given, to help lift my mood and help me sleep better. It was wonderful to try Qi Gong too! I think we all started the day feeling downbeat but we came away excited to try all the new things. Thank you for a wonderful day that left us all feeling so positive!’

Jo Foster Murdoch

1:1’s with our qualified Menopause Doctor

We are privileged to work with our own dedicated Menopause Doctor, Hannah Short and can provide you access to a confidential 1:1 to discuss your medical menopause options.

We can organise either a virtual or face to face consultation.

Get in touch with her directly at

1:1’s with Kate Pigeon-Owen – a holistic and supportive session

This is confidential time dedicated to you. In this protective space you can discuss how you are feeling, with our 1:1 support allowing you to take control, and experience positives within your menopausal journey

Register your interest here.

Menopause Champion training

Your company culture and values are supported by the incredible people who work for you.

By training a member of your team to be a Menopause Champion you will empower and enable your own ‘expert’ who can offer advice, liaise with management and keep up to date with the latest research. Our pilot training is planned shortly with 20 personnel.

The launch of this one-day CPD qualification is imminent.

Register your interest here.

Why not Schedule a Complimentary Capsule?

Allow us to present a complimentary ‘Menopause’ Capsule to your team.