Here at Wellbeing International we know that ‘Wellness’ packages in the workplace are now considered a necessity, and that if you want to recruit, retain and look after your staff this is now part of the deal.

Although we are led by science we believe that our considered, blend of both a researched and holistic approach to your team’s wellness is the key to both our and your, success.

We’ve carefully chosen a group of dedicated, highly qualified experts who are excited and ready to help, offering a variety of Wellbeing Capsules, Trainings, gender-neutral Workshops and Retreats on the web and face to face covering topics from Parenthood, Sleep, Breathwork and Resilience, to the Menopause.

Starting at the cradle we are here to take you and your team through all of life’s stages, addressing many of those challenging issues encountered along the way. If you’re wondering how we deliver – why not take advantage of a free one hour ‘Capsule’ for your team. It’s a chance to get to know us and see first-hand how we work, without obligation.

Click here to see our menu of topics or get in touch to find out more and book your free session.

Our social mission is to handpick both a UK and an international project annually offering our expertise at no cost, promoting wellbeing to these communities to facilitate positive change.

This year we have joined forces with ‘The Together Alliance’ in Norwich, supporting young families who are experiencing an overwhelming sense of loneliness and isolation.

Now that we are able to travel, we are looking forward to offering our Wellbeing for Mothers & Babies training to medical professionals in Kenya.

Wellbeing International elevates the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of individuals in the corporate world, and individuals worldwide.

I’m Kate Pigeon-Owen – the founder and CEO of Wellbeing International.

With a background in counselling and an avid pursuer of the latest science I have founded my business, along with my team, on being able to really make a difference.

My family are my pride and joy. In my spare time I love trying to tame the wildness that is my garden, and have recently joined my partner in exploring the Norfolk countryside on rollerblades.

Meet the Team

Kate Pigeon-Owen – BA Hon., ITEC, CIMI
CEO & Wellbeing Consultant

Kate’s career started in the City within the Financial Times, working with accountants, solicitors and financial institutions, going on to launch a Stress Management company before moving to Norfolk and setting up her own international business, Wellbeing International Ltd.

Kate and her team offer training and consultancy in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

Always interested in helping individuals, Kate trained more recently as a counsellor, working for charities such as Turning Point, as well as helping to empower and guide individuals in her 1:1 practice.
She was a founding member of a new Steiner school in Suffolk and is a facilitator and course-creator of international accredited trainings in child and parent attachment.

Kate has appeared on television and has spoken on BBC Radio Norfolk and Woman’s Hour, as well as publishing numerous articles on education and stress in several leading newspapers and magazines.

Sarah Bush
Research, Events and Marketing Co-ordinator & ‘Boost You’ Facilitator

Sarah’s background in photography and graphics means she’s perfect for promoting our events and keeping on top of social media.

As a trained counsellor too she’s also passionate about wellbeing and improved mental health and enjoys researching the latest science. As a facilitator on our ‘Boost You’ and ‘Capsules’ programmes she believes food is our medicine and enjoys motivating our clients to take control, embark on and really enjoy their wellbeing journey, specifically around nutrition and weight management.

‘I love being part of the small but driven cohesive team here at WellBeing International, where we thrive on helping our clients reach their wellness goals’.

Caroline Roberts – BA Hons., PGCE, ITEC, CIMI
Wellbeing for Mothers & Babies Trainer & Consultant

Caroline holds a post-graduate certificate in education and many complementary therapy diplomas. In her private practice she integrates seven different healing modalities into her treatments. She has trained hundreds of Holistic Massage Practitioners and Aromatherapists and more than a thousand infant massage instructors.

She is the joint course creator of the successful accredited training course ‘Wellbeing for Mothers & Babies’ and passionately believes in supporting new parents traverse into this unknown territory.

As a Trainer with the International Association of Infant Massage she has worked in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the UK. She holds online and 1:1 Women’s Rose Heart Circles

She is the author of ‘grace from grief; death, divorce and the divine feminine’

Dr Imogen Shaw – MA, MB BChir, DRCOG, DFSRH, PG Dip Gynaecology

Imogen qualified at Cambridge University and Westminster Medical school and has been a GP for 25 years, with particular focus on women’s health and the menopause.

Following a sabbatical in gynaecology, she qualified with a post graduate diploma in 2008. She is a co-author of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines for menopause, and has written a book for GPs on managing the menopause.

She lectures to GPs and interested parties on management of the menopause.

She is a member of The British Menopause Society and The Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and runs an NHS community gynaecology clinic.

Deniz Paradot
Qigong and Mindfulness Consultant

Deniz is an experienced Mindfulness and Qigong practitioner and teacher.

His Award-winning Qigong and Mindfulness programmes are successfully used in organisations such as the NHS, Parkinson’s UK and The Royal Voluntary Service. These programmes won the coveted Active Norfolk ‘Activity in the Community Award’ 2019, and were nominated by the Chief Nurse of the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for the ‘RCNi Nursing Awards’ 2020. He has also worked with multinational companies such as Bentley Motors and Mondelez International delivering employee wellbeing initiatives.

He is a highly regarded authority of Qigong and Mindfulness and as the author of ‘Move Life Better’, his approach and method of teaching have been hailed as:

“the spark that will surely ignite a revolution in the way in which Qigong is practised and taught in the modern world”.

If you spend any time at all with Deniz you immediately understand why so many people around the world choose to study with him. His passion, charm, intelligence, tireless energy, and child-like enthusiasm are infectious.

Sharon Peirson-Hagger – B Ed, CIMI
Infant Massage Consultant

Sharon has over 27 years of experience of working with children and their families. She graduated from university with a 1st class honours degree in English, Drama and Education. Her career began in London as a teacher in Primary Education where she has been a Deputy Head Teacher and Literacy Specialist.

Following the birth of her two children Sharon changed career and retrained as a Massage in Schools Teacher.

In 2013 she became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage and is now one of the UK’s leading baby massage instructors.

“I have always felt privileged to work with families both in schools and starting their journey into parenthood. I am excited to join the Wellbeing International Team in order to continue promoting the many benefits of infant massage for the wellbeing of both parents and their babies.”

Sonja Montague MacKay
Mindfulness, Breathing and Emotional Culture Consultant

Sonja is the founder of The More Human Company (TMHC) and The Wild Orange School of Wellbeing.  A former executive who has worked across three continents in international economic development, Sonja launched TMHC to support people to increase their personal wellbeing and become more human leaders.

Blending positive psychology, neuroscience and contemplative practices, Sonja’s unique style provides practical easy to implement tools to enhance the every day in small incremental steps.

Penny Simmonds – MAR, CHO
Reflexology and Menopause Consultant

Penny has been a leading Reflexologist for twenty-seven years, having completed her training as a General Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor.

As well as providing reflexology workshops she facilitates meditation sessions, a variety of hand and foot workshops and her popular ‘Introduction to Healing’ course aimed at those wanting to learn relaxation and visualisation techniques as well as healing for friends and family.

Penny is an expert in supporting women going through the Menopause.

‘Working at Wellbeing International, alongside other colleagues, creates an opportunity to combine our unique skills and knowledge in order to provide training and workshops that are tailored for the specific requirements of our clients.’

Christine Constable – BSc (Hons) Public Administration, MBA

As a Senior Manager and Consultant for over 25 years Christine specialises in Sales, Marketing and Managing Change during which time she is proud to have been awarded the Eastern Daily Press ‘Business Woman of the Year’.

Christine has worked with a variety of leading national and international organisations across both the public and private sector. She has spent 7 years as an ‘Investors In People’ Award Advisor, and 5 years as a licenced IIP Assessor devising training, coaching and troubleshooting programmes for a wide range of organisations seeking to address and manage large issues in a volatile business world.

Christine is currently Managing Director of her own UK based company and a major shareholder in a Kenyan export business.

‘Wellbeing International have assembled a skilled and creative team of specialists, able to work together to produce unique support solutions for businesses, teams and individuals – so that everyone can give of their best in the workplace and lead happier and less stressful lives’.

Marian Hammerton – Finance Manager

Marian joined the team in 2018 as the finance manager.

‘Helping things grow and flourish – be it finances, people or the odd plant – is what I really enjoy although family always comes first.  Outside of work my sons, a house in need of refurbishment and a garden keep me busy’.