Boost You for Leaders

‘As managers we want to bring the best out in our team. As leaders, we motivate and inspire by example. We know that we need to lead the way in terms of Health & Safety and mental health is a key aspect of this. It’s time to recognise that taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing is an essential part of leading today. This course is an investment in yourself; to be the best you that you can be no matter what challenges you are facing. This will then inspire others to achieve their peak performance.’

Katherine Morgan, Director, Asset Management, InfraRed Capital Partners

The programme aims to achieve:

  • An understanding of why leaders need to lead a culture of Wellbeing.
  • An understanding of how critical it is to put your own oxygen mask on first, having mastered a breadth of unique tools from the Boost You! For Leaders Programme.
  • An understanding how to cascade this knowledge and understanding across your own leadership team.

Boost You!

For Leaders

This gender-neutral 6-week programme is based on the culmination of the latest science, research and over twenty-five years of our own self-care methods, that enable participants to take their overall health and wellbeing to another level.

Each session combines our wellbeing expertise with peer learning. That supports you with a practical and effective personal wellness plan that you can start using immediately.

We create a safe, engaging, fun environment to help everyone feel valued and revitalised.

Weekly modules will cover a variety of themes including:

  • How to create positive new habits in your work life and at home
  • Increasing and improving your energy by 20%
  • How to ‘Reset’ using the Science of Stress
  • Building your Resilience and embracing change
  • Improving your power to Sleep and awaken refreshed
  • Nutrition – Changes for improved health and vitality
  • Attunement – moving forward with your individual plan

The Programme also provides:

  • Weekly ‘Enrichments’
  • Support, materials and videos
  • A personalised 1-1 consultation with Kate Pigeon-Owen, CEO WellBeing International

‘There’s a reason why airline pre-flight demo’s tell you to ‘Put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others’.

Ed Pearson-Shaul, Headteacher, Creative Education Trust

‘As a school leader, I devote a lot of time and energy to ensuring the well-being of the staff and children in my school. Boost You! has helped to create the space for me to focus on my personal well-being so I can be the leader I want and need to be. I would highly recommend this programme.’

Ed Pearson-Shaul, Headteacher, Creative Education Trust