Laurie is a certified Taiji Qigong instructor with a passion for helping women achieve health, balance and self-acceptance at every stage of life, by sharing powerful yet gentle techniques that create time and space for healing and growth. 


After years of low self-esteem, chronic anxiety and feelings of emptiness, Laurie discovered there was more to life than looking right, saying the right thing and ticking all the right boxes when she became a mum at the age of 40. Desperate to be a good mum but feeling too helpless and lost in her own life, Laurie turned to an ancient practice from China known as Qigong (Chi Kung), that she hoped would empower her to heal her body, emotions and spirit. Qi means ‘life force energy’, Gong means ‘practice’; this re-energising life art promotes clarity, emotional release and a deeper sense of connection to nature, to self and to inner truth. Laurie’s commitment to the practice allowed her to transform her life, health and wellness, and learn how to be truly happy, grateful and compassionate.


Entering perimenopause early, Laurie sought out female specific forms of Qigong to help her transition with grace, acceptance and power. She trained with female Qigong Masters in order to offer a complete health system for women at all stages of life. Radiant Woman Qigong is a mindful movement practice for every woman designed to balance hormones, focus the mind, calm the emotions, and strengthen the body. Regular practice can eliminate or significantly reduce the discomfort caused by hormonal fluctuations and imbalances related to premenstrual, perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Combining graceful movement performed with intention and attention, breathing exercises, self-massage techniques and vibrational sound healing, Radiant Woman Qigong enhances the whole mind and body health of women from puberty, through fertility, pregnancy and well into her ‘Second Spring’ (menopause and beyond).


Laurie shares these practices once a month in Norwich in the popular Women’s Healing Circles. 

If you’d like to come along to our next ‘Embracing the Menopause’ Retreat in Diss on the 2nd February, do get in touch or book via the booking section on this website.