‘I loved it. Enjoyed every part and took bits away to try from each session. Thank you so much for this opportunity – I feel very lucky to have had the choice to spend a lovely day with a great trainer and team’.

‘Thank you Kate – warm, welcoming and inspiring again. I would be interested in any follow up’

‘A fantastic day – I enjoyed every moment. I have learnt so much’

‘A journey to learn over the next few months with the tools to improve my WellBeing – thank you’

‘Thoroughly enjoyable and informative. A fab day thank you!’

‘Kate is an excellent facilitator – she made the day interesting, relaxing and enjoyable. I learnt a lot from it’

‘Thank you for making today so special, it would be lovely to keep WellBeing as part of our working life’

‘I enjoyed the day very much. At what is a potentially stressful time it has been wonderful to prioritise our WellBeing, and how to nurture ourselves better. Thank you Kate for this very special day. I feel very grateful’

‘It’s been a great experience – thank you Kate – brilliant day!’

‘Kate’s course was so enjoyable. I would like to meet up again in 6 months time to see how people’s lives have changed’

‘I enjoyed the whole day – the trainer Kate, was very knowledgeable and passionate. The day was really helpful with a good balance of discussion’

‘This Menopause event is so different from most. It takes a holistic view of the menopause as well as providing the science and physiology of the subject. How refreshing!’


‘I have found today very insightful and feel that more people would benefit from this session’.

‘Kate was very knowledgeable about WellBeing and presented this in the best way ever.  I would recommend her to everyone – she was fantastic. I have learnet so much. Thank you, Kate’

‘I left with an overall sense that I have learned so much from the day – the day was helpful, interesting and enjoyable’

‘A very gentle, informative and relaxing day which really opened me up to ways of managing my energy and stress levels. I learned so much from Kate and at the end of the day felt I had the tools to really address some key issues both at home and at work. Wonderful – thank you Kate’

‘Had a lovely day – learnt so much about the human body – and it has really helped me to decide to make life changes. Great venue and lovely food’

‘Sleep better, play better, juggle better! Thank you’

‘My mind is constantly abuzz with returns to file and emails to write that I am both physically and mentally exhausted. My working day is not 9am to 5pm, it is 7am to 10pm. Finding ways to reduce these stresses and obtain more energy throughout the day has really helped me to cope on a day to day basis both at work and then to follow on through at home. Kate is an excellent motivator and with her encouragement I feel that I can make these changes work to give me the extra energy I need to survive each day with a toddler, being a wife and working from home’

Leah Smith


‘A very enjoyable day which passed very quickly. I now plan to make some changes in looking after myself and to concentrate on my own WellBeing as well as my family’s. I love Kate’s training!’

‘After the New Year I made changes to look after my emotional WellBeing. This course has helped. I enjoyed the day very much, finding it quite emotional at first but feel that this was good for me. Thank you Kate’

‘Embracing the Menopause’ – ‘wonderful morning, great venue and a really lovely group of women.  Kate and Penny held the space beautifully!  Thank you’.

‘I enjoyed the day very much. I feel valued and worthy of making time for myself. It would be lovely to keep ‘WellBeing’ as part of our working life. Thank you for making today so special’.

‘It was good to hear about some of the WellBeing based studies and scientific backing of content, without a spiritual link’

‘I feel very grateful for the provision of this very special day. Thank you so much Kate’

‘Many Thanks-brilliantly delivered.’

‘A truly interesting course that highlighted many aspects of people’s lives. With many changes in the workplace imminent, it has helped me see a clearer view of managing stress’

‘Thanks Kate – a great day as ever.  I’ve found that I’m more open to new ideas than I thought.’



‘I enjoyed the day very much.  It would be great if this could be an ‘annual health check’



‘Lovely day.  Feeling positive and re-energised.  I’ve learned that it’s never too late to change and learn something new.’



‘I loved the whole day – topics all linked into each other and there was a lot of spontaneity in the day.  Thank you again Kate for delivering an empathic, accountable, professional and friendly course.  I’m now really excited about working on and receiving my extra 10% energy.  Watch out world! Here I come!!’

Kate Hewitt


‘Kate’s caring approach to my natural WellBeing shone through from the moment we talked – afterwards I felt empowered to take control of my general health.’


Mother of two

‘Kate delivered everything with respect and kindness. From the moment I started discussions with her regarding my team’s WellBeing I knew we were in safe hands.’

Susan McNeilly

Action for Children