Is there a Menopause support plan in your workplace?

At this sometimes confusing and often life-changing time plenty of women who feel unsupported are preferring to abandon their careers rather than carry on. The Menopause need not be the catalyst for a shorter career. We redirect the mindset and focus – and we’re experts at what we do.

Here at Wellbeing International we use our scientific and holistic knowledge to advise and inform both businesses and individuals on the topic.

That determination to have the subject heard, discussed and addressed, has been the driving force behind our success in becoming a leading advisor in this subject throughout the UK, with The Menopause being a major part of our profile.

We understand your team may be adapting to different schedules and working patterns right now, and we will work alongside you to deliver events whether your preference is for onsite or online delivery. It’s really up to you.

Gender Neutral Workshops/Webinars



1:1’s with our qualified Menopause Doctor

We are privileged to work with our dedicated Menopause Doctor. Having the expert knowledge and experience on board allows us to provide you access to a confidential 1:1 to discuss your medical menopause options.

We can organise either a virtual consultation or a face to face consultation as you wish.

1:1’s with Kate Pigeon-Owen – a holistic and supportive session

This is confidential time simply for you. In this protective space you can discuss how you are feeling and take control of your menopausal journey.

Menopause Champion

Your company culture and values are supported by the incredible people who work for you.

By training a member of your team to be a Menopause Champion within your organisation, you will empower and enable your own ‘expert’ who can offer advice, liaise with management and keep up to date with the latest research.

In-house trainings available.

The launch of this exciting one-day training is imminent.