Menopause retreats

Finding time and space to re-connect can be powerful for your sense of wellbeing.

Our Menopause programme includes successful one-day Retreats in beautiful venues with healthy lunches and refreshments throughout the day. These days are open to all women, and are designed around topics that really matter to your teams.

The programme includes modules on topics such as:

  • HRT – is it for you?  We give you the science and the natural alternatives
  • Sleep – learn to awaken refreshed
  • Nutrition – maintaining a happy weight and a healthy immune system
  • Qi Gong – an ancient but effective exercise programme
  • The positives (yes – there are positives!)
  • The benefits of touch – understanding the benefits of oxytocin and how to reduce the stress hormone cortisol
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Wellbeing’s 5-Step Approach – following positive feedback from women who’ve been through this stage of their lives
  • Leave with your own personalised plan to embrace your Menopause

‘We talked about sleep, anxiety, weight and hot flushes – it was a very relaxed atmosphere and Kate’s engagement and passion about the positives were uplifting and energising. I came away having bonded with a fantastic group of women, lots of sciency stuff and a positive plan for this next stage. Bring it on!

Haze Carver, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

‘Thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge with us. I swapped an annual days leave for this and it was absolutely worth it.


Thanks Kate.’

Retreat attendee