Gender neutral workshops / webinars

As pioneers of Gender Neutral Webinars, we understand the need for company managers to show the way, demonstrating that women’s wellbeing and health is a priority.  Women going through the Menopause can experience radical changes on a psychological and physiological level.

No matter what gender, race, religion, ability or age, everyone will come into contact with someone going through the Menopause whether at home or at work.

Ours is a truly inclusive agenda aimed at everyone, from the CEO to the maintenance staff.

‘It’s been great working with Wellbeing International and I’ve really liked the approach that they have taken to help us provide Menopause workshops for all of our teams. From the moment we started talking I knew that Kate would be able to help us deliver in a style that would work for us. We’ve received positive feedback from both the women only and gender-neutral Menopause workshops that have been delivered across the UK’

Craig Cole, Head Of Safety, Health & Wellbeing, University Partnership Programmes

‘I am really pleased that this is being recognised and talked about. As a male and a manager, I learned a lot.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this to other men’

Line Manager CGL