Boost You!

Reset, Revitalise, Replenish…
Boost You!

Boost You! is designed exclusively for women to ‘re-set’ by rebuilding energy and vitality – something many of us need right now. The 6 week programme explores many vital elements that contribute to our sense of wellbeing, including how to awaken refreshed, the science of stress, diet, massage, and even touches on the Menopause. We use an holistic approach that’s based on science, wisdom and proven self-care regimes.

Our weekly webinars will cover a variety of themes some of which are:

Increasing and improving your energy by 20%

How to ‘Reset’ using the Science of Stress

Building your Resilience and embracing change

Improving your power to Sleep and awaken refreshed

Nutrition- Changes for improved health and vitality

Attunement – move forward with your own individual plan

You will also receive:

5 ‘Enrichments’ weekly

Support, materials and videos

A personalised 1-1 consultation with Kate Pigeon-Owen, CEO WellBeing International

Please get in touch if you would like to chat further, hear of our upcoming dates, or register your interest.

We have two Boost You! Programmes designed to support women on every stage of the journey…

Corporate Boost You!

As women in business, we often overlook our own wellness path. Before we know it, we’re overwhelmed, burnt out or we become ill needing time off work, which in itself can cause further feelings of stress.

Our Boost You! virtual Programme is designed exclusively for female managers and executives and will gently set you on your path to ‘re-set’ by rebuilding energy, improving your health, and increasing your vitality, all of which, given the past 24 months, we need to do right now.

Individual Boost You!

Are you looking for revitalised health and wellbeing? Wellbeing International’s Boost You! Programme will give you the tools, the science and the support to start your amazing transformative journey.

We will focus on small meaningful changes that will simply make life better. It is a holistic approach that is full of both wisdom and science, giving you the tools to nourish, replenish and empower your way to optimum health and being your best!

We understand that growth, healing and improved health is a steady process and not a light switch – and that it takes effort to change – maybe its time to take the first step?

‘A positive new start with a sense of gaining back control and greater self-awareness over my health and emotional wellbeing.‘.

Gina Wright, Educator