Boost You!

We’ve all heard so much about how important it is to lose weight and optimise our immune system in response to Covid 19 – and this six week online course will do just that!

We’ll be looking at a whole wealth of lifestyle changes we can put in place, and introducing you to the KETOGENIC lifestyle – our eating plan is not just about sustainable weight loss without hunger and cravings, but by following it you’ll also effortlessly transition to a healthy lifestyle and have increased energy.

Places are limited to 8 per course.

Now taking bookings for new a new course beginning April 17th – click here to book

  • Weekly group webinar
  • 1-2-1 weekly phone consultation
  • Access to a closed Facebook page for daily recipes, tips, videos and interactive support
  • Introducing you to and supporting you on the Ketogenic Lifestyle – the science, and why it works

£30 a week


E:   01379 677335

Sarah Bush, our qualified Keto coach now offers  1-2-1 Ketogenic lifestyle coaching – by phone or by zoom,  where you will be introduced to this fabulously healthy way of life and weight loss and guided and supported along the way.  Sarah will explain why this eating plan works, and why it will change your mind set about ‘dieting’ for ever.

‘Sarah has been instrumental in helping me with all matters nutritional and has introduced me to the ‘ketogenic’ diet – a game changer!  It’s really altered my life and my approach to food – I’m happier, healthier and slimmer’

Becky M


Sarah Bush – Keto Lifestyle Coach

I was blown away by the life-changing results of following the ketogenic lifestyle that I embarked on two years ago.  Feeling nourished, healthy, energised and better than ever I’m now eager to support anyone wanting to lose and maintain their happy weight on a similar journey.

Kate Pigeon-Owen – Wellbeing Facilitator

As a founder of Wellbeing International I have always felt that there was an aspect that we were not addressing – being overweight. Inspired by my colleague Sarah Bush, I adopted the KETO diet and  dropped 2 stone, easily. If someone had said that I would eat well, have no cravings, feel indulged not deprived, I would have doubted them. Now I want to share this journey with you, offering you a safe and supportive place to change.


Each week a new aspect of Wellbeing will be explored such as how to sleep well,  boost your immune system naturally, give and receive massage, understand your food story and engage in various ways to practice Mindfulness.


“Wonderful to have positive role models in Kate and Sarah at different points in the keto journey.”

Haze Carver ….. Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

“It was just the launch pad I needed to kick start my investment in the new me.  There were so many benefits from the boost you course but the one that stands out the most is the amazing amount of energy I now have”.

Sharon Peirson-Haggar